Top 5 Reusable Promotional Products

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Single use plastics are a large contributor to our landfill problems. According to Green Peace if plastic production continues on the same level as it does now, there will be 12 billion kilograms of waste in landfills or in the natural environment by 2050. That’s equivalent to 1.8 billion African elephants. Modern promotional businesses now offer reusable branded products manufactured from sustainable materials. Why not try one of the below top 5 reusable promotional products next time you are looking at promoting your business. 

#1 Reusable Cutlery

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It is estimated that close to 40 billion individual plastic utensils are produced every year. It's time for change! Give your customers the tools to eat environmentally friendly on the go with reusable cutlery sets. BYO cutlery isn't just for people who bring their lunch, it can be for while people are out and about. Say no to single use plastic forks and spoons next time you pick up your favourite take-away and whip out your own reusable option.

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#2 Lunch Boxes

More Australian's are taking their lunch to work, not just because it's better for your health and the environment but because the cost of living keeps increasing. Give them the fuel to keep going by branding a promotional lunch box with a motivational or funny quote that reflects your brands message. Our lunch boxes are made from BPA free plastic and biodegradable materials like bamboo, just waiting to be branded with your delicious logo. Request a quote today!

#3 Snack Bags & Cups

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It's time to give your target audience an alternative to individually packaged snacks on the go with custom snack bags and snack cups. Our snack bags are available with full colour branding for the best impact. We also can provide snack cups with your printed logo. Request a quote today!

#4 Reusable Straws

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Half a million single use straws are used in the world every day. I know, I know we should just stop using straws all together but for those who require drinking straws for medical reasons or even those who just prefer drinking from straws there is a whole market for eco-friendly reusable drinking straws. We can provide silicone and metal straws in every colour that will contrast your branding. Want to go for a bigger branding impact? Why not print your logo on a reusable straw cases to keep your customers straws clean in their pocket or bag? Great for tradeshow giveaways. Request a quote today!


#5 Printed Drink Bottles

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What an absolute legend! Drink bottles have been around for decades. Growing up, drink bottles were carried with you to after school sports or because your mum was trying to save money "we don't need to buy a drink, we have a bottle of water in the car". Now drink bottles are on every desk in Australia, which besides the environmental benefits is the reason your logo needs to be on them. If you are going to buy promotional drink bottles invest in quality over quantity. Buying 50 high quality metal or BPA free plastic drink bottles for your workplace’s top performers is better than buying 500 cheap sports drink bottles that will leak and get thrown out. Request a quote today!

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Since the ABC's documentary series - The War on Waste back in 2017, Reusable coffee cups have now established themselves as a promotional product staple. We can now provide more eco-friendly manufacturing material alternatives such as rice husk blends. Our Natura and Choice reusable coffee cups are manufactured from a 50/50 blend of natural rice husk fibre and polypropylene which is shatterproof, odour resistant and BPA free. Rice husk is a waste product with little value and the agricultural industry often dispose of it by burning which creates air pollution. Request a quote today!

Choice Reusable Coffee Cup  From $3.54 per unit* Min order 50 units  Request a quote today!

Choice Reusable Coffee Cup
From $3.54 per unit*
Min order 50 units
Request a quote today!

Natura Reusable Coffee Cup  From $3.93 per unit* Min order 50 units  Request a quote today!

Natura Reusable Coffee Cup
From $3.93 per unit*
Min order 50 units
Request a quote today!

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