Promotional Products for Kids

I loved receiving promotional products as a kid. As an adult I now know why the noisy promotional kids toys mysteriously disappeared shortly after we got home. So, whether you are promoting to kids or to their parents, choose products that will keep both parties happy. At Promoloco we specialise in promotional products with a purpose. We want to create lasting branding impressions with your customers – not have products thrown out when they get home.

Promotional Soft Toys

Why give a child a promotional product when you can give them a branded companion? Promotional soft toys or plush toys are a great way to spread brand awareness with cuddly fun. Available in a variety of animals, colours and sizes, there is a promotional mascot for every brand.


Promotional Putty/Slime

Whether you call it slime for kids or brain putty for adults, everyone loves our colourful promotional putty. According to my resident 9-year-old, this is indeed putty, not slime due to consistency and stretch (she is obviously a connoisseur). Recently slime and putty have been very popular with kids and as a parent you may cringe at the idea of anymore entering your house. But our promotional putty is not slimy in consistency and is actually a great fidget & sensory toy for kids.

Promotional Putty.jpg

Corporate Puzzles

Not just for kids, promotional puzzles are a great way for any audience to get away from screens and practice their hand key coordination. Puzzles have also been used to help patients with Dementia. We have basic 100-200 piece puzzles available from stock, magnetic made to order puzzles or custom jigsaws made offshore to low minimum quantities.

Promotional Jigsaw Puzzles.jpg
Promotional slider puzzles.jpg

Promotional Colouring In Sets

Keeping the kids entertained is always a challenge so it’s no surprise that colouring in is a timeless winner in promotional products. We have pencil & paper colouring in sets, colouring in tote bags and even colouring in tea towels - great for community farmers markets and fundraising giveaways.

Koolio Printed Colouring In Sets.jpg

Printed Kids Caps and Apparel

Promotional clothing and embroidered caps aren’t just for adults. Why not kit out your smallest sponsors with kids printed tshirts and hats? We have the full range of AS Colour clothing which is ethically made from great quality fabrics and available in baby, toddler and kids sizes. Want to go even cuter? Why not check out our printed baby onesies? 

Printed Kids Tees.jpg
Printed Onesies.jpg

Have you seen a promotional or retail style cap that you would like custom made in kids’ sizes? We can help with that too! In most cases minimum order is 100 units.

Contact us for a custom cap quote today.  

Kids caps.jpg
Kindy Hat.jpg

Outdoor Games

Encourage kids to get out in the backyard with outdoor games. Promotional cricket bats, hi bounce balls, frisbees, bubbles and more.

Mini Promotional Cricket Bats.jpg
Hi bounce tennis balls.jpg

If you are looking for more ideas for your next promotional product campaign, why not check out our new kids’ promotional product section. It is filled with all the products above plus kids’ classics like promotional slinkies, printed piggy banks, kids printed drink bottles and more.

By Bronwyn Smith xx