Getting the Most out of your Promotional Products

Running a start-up or even an established business is busy work. When it is your business every financial decision can be a personal one. That is why investing in relevant promotional products is so important. Promotional products with your logo are a representation of your brand, so making sure they are of good quality is essential.

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Functional Business Cards

When starting out in business, business cards are usually high on the list of purchases. Although most businesses operate online in 2019, there is still something special about giving or receiving a business card that perfectly represents you and your brand.

When designing your business card make sure you take advantage of new printing technologies like spot gloss, foil stamping and thick organic materials to make you stand out from the crowd. Better yet, why not present your client with a multi-functional business card they will use?

Business cards with lollies or snacks, powerbanks, pocket multi tools, compact mirrors, bottle operner coasters, hand sanitisers and more.

Repurposing Promotional Products

Although keeping our minimum order quantities low is important to our business, sometimes it works out cost effective to order more promotional products than primarily required. Investing in a promotional product that can be repurposed for different events is the perfect way to get the most out of your purchase.

For example, you may order glass reusable coffee cups for an event, but you don't give all of them away, why not use left-over cups around the office to serve clients coffee during meetings? If you are taking the meeting outside the office, you could pre-emptively take 2 reusable coffee cups to the local café, so your client isn't left without a reusable take away cup. Once the meeting is over your client has the opportunity to take it back to their office and use it again. This can be a conversation starter for businesses with matching environmental and purpose values.

Glass reusable coffee cups can also look lovely with fresh flowers as a centrepiece in the office or at events. Branding tip: Match the flowers to your corporate colours.

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Multipurpose Promotional Products

My personal favourite multipurpose promotional product is the charging cable lanyards. If you are attending an all-day conference, there is a chance one of your devices will run low on power, which makes this product very handy. If you are an event manager, you could team up with a sponsor to supply their own branded power banks for tradeshow bags to accompany the lanyard chargers.

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Reusable promotional products

The best way to make sure your products don't go to waste is investing in reusable products. If budget is an issue why not order a smaller quantity and only giveaway the products to a potential client? - "10 minute one on one chat for free coffee cup". You have your chance to pitch and they get a freebee. Branded products that are reused on a daily or weekly basis are more likely to bring your brand exposure then giving away bulk quantities of single use promo to parties that aren't interested in your service.

Why not try good quality promotional lunch boxes, reusable drink bottles or reusable coffee cups?

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If you would like to discuss how we can help you get the most out of your promotional products, please contact us. We are always happy to brain storm ideas and discuss the best product and decoration options for your brand.

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